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Since the foundation in 1747, this bath has drawn such illustrious guests in its spell. For her love was made for King Ludwig I of Bavaria, who stayed right here 26 times and "his Brückenau" to the summer residence. Magnificent buildings from this period, and the plants and forests of Sinntal were placed under special protection. Brückenau is famous for its water. The beneficial effect of its unique resources, which it owes its reputation as the leading kidney health resort of Germany. The proffered by the natural water is so tasty that it regarded by many as "Bad Brückenauer champagne" is called. Nature has always been meant very well with Brückenau. The beautiful Auental the sense with its extensive mixed forests and meadows, and its mild stimulating climate in the Rhön Biosphere Reserve ideal for hiking and biking.

Freizeitbad Sinnflut - Bad Brückenau
Physiotherapeuthische Zentren Szczesniak - Bad Brückenau
KissSalis Therme - Bad Kissingen

Bad Brückenau Wetter
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